Nearby Activities

If you have some spare time be it a couple of hours or a whole day you might like to explore some of the local activities – click on the activity for a link to further information and maps.

For those who have a good day or several hours a brisk Walk along the iconic White Cliffs of Dover to South Foreland Lighthouse, or a  visit to Dover Castle will stretch your legs and blow away the cobwebs.  If you like the water why not go on a Dover Sea Safari, visit the secret seal cove or visit Goodwin Sands – a designated site of natural beauty and habitat.

If you are limited for time you might like to visit Dover Museum to view the Bronze Age Boat, or the Roman Painted House (Dover’s hidden gem discovered in 1970 is the most preserved painted walls north of the Alps), or the Grand Shaft Entrance, and Western Heights Fort built in circ 1800’s during Napoleon Bonaparte time. A walk along the Sea Front will give you the opportunity to see several interesting memorials such as Captain Matthew Web, the first to swim the Channel in 1875, the Dunkirk Memorial and the Lindemann Monument.  Why not download the Bluebird Heritage Trail app which will take you on a step by step tour around all the interesting and historical spots of Dover ?

If you would like to hire a car to explore nearby beauty spots such as St Margaret’s Bay, the Pine Gardens, nearby Deal town or Sandwich where the British Open Golf Tournament is held or the historical Canterbury Town for the Cathedral  please let us know we can arrange this for you.